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Will I receive an order confirmation?

Yes, all Muscle Nation orders will receive an email order confirmation once an order has been placed online. You will then receive a secondary email notification with your tracking details upon dispatch.

I didn’t receive my order confirmation?

Please ensure you enter your email address correctly at the checkout. Please note, depending on your email settings, your order confirmation may automatically be redirected to your junk or spam folder. If you still do not receive your order confirmat

Can you edit my order?

We endeavour to make changes to a customer’s order upon request. However, due to the volume of orders we receive, in conjunction with two courier pick-ups a day, this task can be challenging. As a result, we cannot guarantee we will be able to make a

Can I cancel my order?

With our scanning and inventory system, it has enabled our Warehouse Team to be very efficient in processing, packing and preparing orders for dispatch. Therefore, once you process your order online and click ‘confirm and pay’, after this point we ca

Can I hold items in my cart?

Unfortunately, items cannot be held or reserved in carts. This way, spam accounts and bots cannot hold large quantities of items in carts to prevent real customers from purchasing. Given the circumstances, you are unable to hold items in your cart fo

What happens when I receive an incorrect or faulty item?

If on the rare occasion, you receive an incorrect or faulty item please contact our Customer Service Team via email [email protected]. Please include your order number, full name, email address and photos of the item within 7 days of receiving

What if I have an issue with a product I purchased from a wholesaler or stockist?

If you encounter an issue with a product you purchased from a wholesaler or stockist, we ask you please contact their team directly. Wholesalers and stockists have their own returns policies in place which you will need to follow. We thank you for yo

How do I find out if an item is coming back in stock?

We're always looking to add new styles to our rapidly expanding product range! This means certain items may not return online once sizes have sold out. This is to make way for all the exciting products set to launch in the future. If you have a speci

Why does my item feel different in the same style, across different colours?

There might be a slight fit and feel difference in the same style across different colours. In the manufacturing process, some dye requires more settling time than others. As a result, some coloured garments may fit and feel a little differently to o

I was messaged on Instagram that I won a giveaway, how do i know if this is legit?

Unfortunately, there are alot of scam accounts going around which will pretend to impersonate a business to get unsuspecting customer to click links. This will result in them being scammed.Please ensure on Instagram you only follow @musclenation and